Customer Service

We understand what customer service is about, because we are customers in our own right. In order to truly be customer oriented, we must fully understand your business, and embrace the strategies that make you successful. In this way, everyone realizes value and benefit.

Product Quality is not simply about being on time, or delivering what is required. It’s about going beyond the customary and embracing new technology, materials and processes. Advanced Component Group has partnered with companies on the cutting-edge of advanced manufacturing, engineering and development. In a word, we’ll offer your organization the UN-expected.
As a member of AWEA, our company is working closely with member companies to develop and improve the growing wind-energy initiative.
Reducing our nations dependency on foreign energy is a primary goal for this generation. Advanced Component Group is working to help make that goal a reality.
Working together, local, state, federal and private organizations are managing our natural resources and improving their efficiency. Advanced Component Group is proud to be part of this effort.