Our Location

Advanced Component Group {ACG} was established in 2005, in the thoroughbred capital of the world – Lexington, Ky.  ACG was created to meet very specific requirements resulting from an expanding industrial, energy and automotive market in the region.  ACG customers are the foundation of our business, but our partners around the world are equally important to providing personal service and quality products.

Our Expertise

Advanced Component Group is located within a 500-mile radius of the nation’s largest population of industrial, energy and transportation companies. 

With experience in both domestic and transplant manufacturing, ACG is positioned to assist our customers identify the right product or process for almost any prototype or production application.  Our team will provide personal service and dedicated resources to match with a customer’s specific requirements and timing.  Whether it’s advanced engineering, logistics or component manufacturing,  ACG will provide your organization with the competitive advantage necessary to compete in a global market.

Renewable Energy
ACG is engaged in multiple wind and solar projects poised to expand our national renewal energy initiative.
Agriculture and Mining
Domestic resources are in high demand, and ACG has partnered with various organizations to increase capacity and distribution.
Alternative Manufacturing
Controlling cost requires constant advancement, and ACG is providing customers with access to new technology, materials and processes.
Specialized Applications
Certain customers require increased confidentiality and design security. Our government experience lends well in protecting a customer’s designs, prototypes and testing.
Following an 18-month decline, automotive suppliers are cautiously optimistic, and ACG is supporting several upcoming OEMS programs.
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